PSFK’s Future of Retail Report 2015 looks at the ways in which retailers can give associates the tools to better connect with customers both in and outside of the store.

Think back to your last customer service experience. Did it take place on a retail floor? Was it prompted over live chat while visiting a website? Surely you’ve noticed that the ways in which you connect with a store are changing, but how many of these experiences are actually removing hurdles to your customer service requests and providing a direct line to the answers that you need?

Regardless of how and where they choose to shop, today’s shopper wants to feel seamlessly supported throughout their purchase experience should they have any questions or need advice. Enabling them to quickly and easily connect with a knowledgeable member of staff can no longer be confined to the physical store, but needs to extend to online and mobile as well. The team at PSFK Labs wanted to know what tools retailers can provide to their employees to ensure they can offer the personal service customers expect and in effect, granting ‘Power To The People'.

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