Three winners show innovative possibilities for banking transactions

Deutsche Bank and Design Bloom's Future Banking Competition brought together more than 2,000 entrants offering the best and brightest visions of what's to come in the banking industry. The innovative entries poured in from 80 countries and brought to life ways to improve customer banking transactions and manage finances in the digital realm. Of the ideas, apps, products, services and gadgets, the judges chose three winners with promising entries for improving the future of banking.

Marita Mitrovic from the Netherlands won first prize with her ‘LIFEWIRE' entry. The ‘LIFEWIRE' debit card is designed to help consumers track their spending and stay on budget by showing how much of their income is available for spending by using a graph. The innovative debit card shows your ‘true balance' of what you can spend after subtracting your monthly fixed expenses like rent, utilities, etc. The card shows how much you can spend as the days of the month progress, and features a button that allows you to compare your actual spending and your daily alloted spending so you can see your financial situation at any time without having to do mental calculations.

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