Creative agency Bulldog Drummond imagines how the trends in The Future of Retail can be leveraged to reinvent the coffee chain

As part of our 2015 Future of Retail report, PSFK asked some of our close creative partners to leverage our trends to rethink the functionality of some of the biggest brands in retail. The team over at Bulldog Drummond used PSFK recommendations of One Click Everything, Everyone Of A Kind, Be The Hub and Experiences Not Products to reimagine how the coffee chain Starbucks can use technology to streamline its in-store offerings and play a larger role in the community.

The following ideas explore three very specific ways that Starbucks can transform its current experience based on trends from the Future of Retail. Each of these ideas has an overarching exploration of the larger idea, followed by a number of tangible examples of how that idea could manifest itself through space, service, and experience redesign or the implementation of new technology.  These ideas can be used to inspire creatives around the country as they imagine and create the next future of retail for brands of all kinds.

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