The company set up a translucent cube to raise awareness of the invisible and silent killers that can be found in one's home

Google's Nest recently unveiled its first ever experiential exhibit at the Herald Square in New York City.

The company's first pop-up art installation consisted of a custom built 6 x 6 x 6 clear acrylic cube. The cube, which was designed by the Nest Creative Studio, is part of the company's new campaign that aims to raise awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning as well as promote the company's smoke and carbon CO alarm.

Carbon monoxide poisoning claims hundreds of lives across the US every year and Nest's campaign hopes to put the focus on the silent, odorless and invisible killer found in people's homes through the acrylic cube, which was battery-operated and included interactive features. A Nest Protect smoke and carbon CO alarm was installed inside the cube and the alarm would light up and sound alarms as it normally would when it detects carbon monoxide in one's home.

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