From easier commuting to a more pleasant daily grind, the design group imagines that big changes are heading -- self-driven -- our way

Part-study, part-imaginative exercise, a new project from an innovation think-tank offers a vibrant vision of how urban life will be altered by self-driving vehicles. While no one can nail down the specific nature of tomorrow’s roads, the team is confident that “automobility” will “unlock a new wave of efficiency, convenience, and urban growth.”

“The Future of Automobility” is a multimedia-rich proposal from international design firm IDEO, and manages to tease out a range of possible future-mobiles — ranging from party minivans to bubble-shaped delivery trucks — and their expected impacts within the next 15 years. “At IDEO, we are thinking about the broader range of impact that automobility will have on our lives and on the infrastructure in which we live,” explains Ricardo Figueiroa, an industrial designer and portfolio director for the company, to Design Boom.

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