This small device is a twist on the alarm clock/clock radio, incorporating innovative technology to awaken users in a peaceful, pleasing way

Audio electronics company JBL has launched a new speaker that doubles as an alarm clock. But rather than show off the speaker's power for the alarm, the device actually wakes users up not through sound, but through ambient light.

The device has an LED light that gets brighter slowly to gradually wake up its user. While there are many alarm clocks that light up to simulate the sun, JBL Horizon seeks to differentiate itself by also being a quality speaker set.

To play music on JBL Horizon, you can go the traditional FM radio route of clock radios of yore, or you can connect any smartphone or tablet via Bluteooth to stream wirelessly. This means if you'd like to wake up to sound, you can wake up to music on your phone that is playing through the speakers. Additionally, you can charge your phone and tablet with the 2 USB ports included on the clock radio.

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