Didier Drogba tries to one-up Lionel Messi when it comes to discovering global culinary delights

No matter why you travel, many of the stories you bring home involve food. From who you ate with, to the exotic fare, to even the gastric distress you suffered after giving the wrong answer to “am I really going to eat this?” Turkish Airlines’ new ad campaign leverages this fact with a combined celebrity showdown and public “Epic Food contest.

Last year, Turkish Airlines sent Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi on world tours with a “selfie shootout” contest that received more than 137 million views. It was among the most-watched YouTube ads of the year. This year’s follow-up brings soccer superstar Lionel Messi back to race against fellow footballer Didier Drogba to discover the most epic food in the world. Will it be Michelin star-rated fine dining, local delicacies like natto and durien, or something adventurous like the fugu fish?

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