Mobile app reminds you to 'Bond' with people you care about

In today’s social network frenzied times, it’s easier to keep in touch with people than ever, yet also more difficult because there are so many distractions. Now you can stay focused on the people you care about most with the Bond app. The app, called Bond – With People That Matter, lets you set reminders to “bond” with people in your contacts list. The reminders can be customized for a different level and type of “bonding” for each person.

Bond offers a tech-savvy solution to the problem of staying close to people in a high-tech world of distractions. For instance, you might log onto Facebook to check up on an old friend but find yourself reading the news feed, liking a photo, clicking a link, reading a BuzzFeed article, tweeting the BuzzFeed article, replying to your tweet comments, then responding to a text from another friend, and then, ahh, it’s lunch time and you still have to write that sales report! So much for the friend you haven’t contacted.

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