The 3D printing company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the iconic Japanese character with a series of printable figurines

Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary has caused some commotion around the Japanese icon. She’s been sent up into space and an exhibition that revealed that she is not a cat at all, to the world’s amazement. Now, 3D printing design company MakerBot has chosen to celebrate it with a set of 3D printable Hello Kitty figurines and outfits for the occasion.

These specially designed models debuted at the first ever Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles. The outfits include student with milk and apple in hand, a chef with a pie, a scientist with goggles and beaker, a skateboarder ready to shred and, last but not least, a MakerBot Hello Kitty with her own mini 3D printer.

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