Minimal heating tool warms liquids directly in their containers

Fall tea drinkers, rejoice. Gone are the days of heating an entire kettle of water for one warm cup of tea. Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Nils Chudy has invented Miito, a mobile heating tool that warms liquids directly in their containers, eliminating the need to boil excess amounts of water in a kettle.

Chundy was inspired to design Miito after studying the energy wasting-habits of electric kettle users. He explains:

I wondered why all kettles look so similar. I quickly noticed that they not only look bad but they are also wastefully designed! The minimum fill line of the majority of kettles is at approximately 500ml. This means that if you want one cup of tea (250ml) you waste 50% of the hot water, which means you waste 50% of the energy. This adds up to be A LOT!

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