The days of UPS are over: Bizzby Sky lets you deliver small items between addresses using your smartphone

Before the days of smart technology and digital, people used to wait for the paperboy to arrive to deliver their daily news and mailmen to deliver hand-written letters. For better or worse, those days are over. Now, you can get your airmail via drone. Bizzby Sky is a new revolutionary mobile service that offers on-demand package delivery for weight up to 500g.

Developed by a UK-based startup, the service is just taking flight, delivering small items to an address after users process the request on their smartphone. In a single-tap pick-up and drop-off, users request a drone from within the accompanying Bizzby app and then track its journey in real time. A drone request can be operated as seamlessly as requesting an Uber: simply tap a button and track the status of your drone. The drone includes smart sensors to monitor its surroundings and capture live footage as it flies 400 ft above ground.

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