Maple set to deliver gourmet meals at affordable price in under 15 minutes

For under $15, Momofuku’s David Chang will cook your dinner and bring it straight to your doorstep. Well, not quite that good but almost. NYC’s acclaimed chef and entrepreneur recently announced his newest enterprise Maple, a food delivery service of chef-inspired meals. The app coming in 2015 aims to revolutionize New York’s delivery system to include smarter routing systems, better packaging and a better selection of dishes.

In New York, the food delivery capital of the world, ordering food into the home has become a favorite pastime. It’s convenient, comfortable and saves us the energy of cooking after a long day of work. However, the food delivery system at current has its inevitable drawbacks: orders arrive cold from the lag time between preparation and delivery or food is mistaken for another customers. Maple wants to eliminate these major problems by offering New Yorkers the same culinary experience expected at a restaurant in the comfort of their home.

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