Nendo's stylish product stays upright regardless of where you put it

Trying to lean your umbrella against the wall, or hang it from a nearby surface often results in it clattering to the floor. To remedy this first-world problem, Japanese design studio Nendo have created the Stay-Brella. It features a two-pronged handle that allows the umbrella to stand all on its own, or hang effortlessly from horizontal surfaces while the rain you've accumulated from outside slowly dries.

The design features a 16-spoke frame, a black cylindrical handle that splits in two and a surface coating that protects users from up to 90% of harmful UV rays. For those who want to accessorize properly, the umbrella is available in eight different colors. A wrist strap attached near the end of the stem can also be used to attached the umbrella to your arm for windy conditions, or the slightly more forgetful.

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