Stay-Brella is an Umbrella That Can Stand and Hang on its Own

Stay-Brella is an Umbrella That Can Stand and Hang on its Own
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Nendo's stylish product stays upright regardless of where you put it

Ross Brooks
  • 11 november 2014

Trying to lean your umbrella against the wall, or hang it from a nearby surface often results in it clattering to the floor. To remedy this first-world problem, Japanese design studio Nendo have created the Stay-Brella. It features a two-pronged handle that allows the umbrella to stand all on its own, or hang effortlessly from horizontal surfaces while the rain you’ve accumulated from outside slowly dries.


The design features a 16-spoke frame, a black cylindrical handle that splits in two and a surface coating that protects users from up to 90% of harmful UV rays. For those who want to accessorize properly, the umbrella is available in eight different colors. A wrist strap attached near the end of the stem can also be used to attached the umbrella to your arm for windy conditions, or the slightly more forgetful.


Getting hold of a Stay-Brella might prove difficult, especially as they are being sold exclusively at Japan’s Seibu department stores. The umbrella was designed as part of the larger by|n range, which also features a set of minimal basket containers.


For those who do manage to buy one of these creative umbrellas, you can say goodbye to the fine art of balancing an umbrella against the wall, or searching out the perfect edge to hang your soaking wet accessory.



Dezeen, Domus

Images by Akihiro Yoshida


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