Keep your friends and connections list up-to-date and private with 'Olocode' service

Though it may not appear so, contact chaos is real and alive on the internet. It may seem like you can contact an unprecedented number of people, but as anyone who's applied for a job recently knows, the information that actually gets your messages received by a human on the other end – email addresses and phone numbers – are often couched behind a variety of security devices that can seem downright unfriendly.

When you meet someone, whether at a networking event or elsewhere, you want to be sure you can contact them without the hassle and awkwardness of entering names or phone numbers in one another's devices. Enter Olocode, a new overarching contact system that, with six-digit alphanumeric strings representing your account, hopes to be easy to remember, like the phone numbers of yore. “We decided 6 characters is short enough to remember but long enough to not be easily guessed. As the codes are alphanumeric we have over a billion combinations, I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there,” says designer Maani Yousofi.

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