A special partner report on how PCH plans to progress the tech industry's notion of sustainability, workforce relations and manufacturing in China.

This is the first article of a 4-part series that investigates the findings in the latest sustainability report from PCH. Also check out the second, third and fourth articles in the series. Produced in partnership with PCH – click here for the full report.

In a perfect world, ‘sustainability’ is weaved into the entire life cycle of the products we consume. It’s a method of production that considers everything from the energy source powering a manufacturing line to the communities a factory touches and eventually, the very the fabric which makes up our products. Socially conscious consumers attuned to these larger issues often ‘vote with their wallets’, but on the flip side of this equation are the brands and manufacturers producing goods at a global scale that hold the keys to the most impactful change. As a global community we have simply come to expect more from the products we own, and that’s a good thing.

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