'You Call That Art?!' challenges readers to build their own masterpieces

Some people learn through listening, others through watching, but for those who rely on touch, there’s a new book about sculpting that that allows readers to experiment with cut-out cardboard pieces. You Call That Art?! is the latest offering from pop-up book artists David A. Carter and James Diaz, which covers the art form’s development since the 19th century, along with famous 20th-century artists.

Influential sculptors that appear in the book Include Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso and Isamu Noguchi. What really makes the book stand out are the die-cut pieces that can be assembled (and reassembled) in any way the reader chooses. The book offers some ideas about how to arrange the pieces, but the the whole point is to try and create your own original works of art just like those that went before.

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