Sesame Phone allows people to use head signals instead of hands

For people with mobility disabilities, communicating by smartphone is often frustrating, requiring constant assistance. But now there's a solution for those who can't use their hands – the Sesame Phone, a touch-free smartphone from Sesame Enable. The smartphone uses computer vision technology to allow users to access any app using head movements.

The Sesame Phone uses Google Nexus 5 hardware and features facial recognition capabilities to allow people to control a cursor that floats over the home screen. To begin, users just say “Open Sesame,” and the app opens. It then captures key points on the user's face. Once the phone recognizes the user's face, a cursor appears. By turning your head to the right, the cursor moves right. A left head turn moves the cursor left. When you stop moving your head, a navigation icon appears, allowing you to drag, click, swipe or exit.

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