Interactive projection transforms text-messaged thoughts into cathedral light display

For the month of October, Paris’s Saint Eustache Cathedral will be illuminated by starlight. However, these stars are not at all natural—they are part of an interactive installation by Filip Vilas-Boas that allows people to project their own star constellations on the cathedral ceiling via mobile device.

The installation, named Shooting Thoughts, directs visitors to specific app to create a personal “constellation,” or pattern of dots. This pattern is transmitted from the mobile app to lasers at the base of each interior pillar. Lasers display the constellations across the cathedral’s 110-ft vaulted ceilings. Each constellation appears at a different location and moves across the ceiling at its own speed and trajectory, giving the appearance that each thought is “shooting.” Guests are welcome to lay on a designated carpet in the church’s nave and watch their constellation move across the display.

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