Snowstrike Goggles Improve Safety and Performance

Snowstrike Goggles Improve Safety and Performance

The color-changing VT eyewear uses LCD to change tints on demand

Jason Brick
  • 4 november 2014

Light conditions on a ski slope are like the nursery rhyme about the little girl who had a little girl (good when very very good, but when bad…horrid.) It’s either so bright you can hardly see, or so dark you can hardly see, with only rare conditions picking up the middle.

Ski goggles and sunglasses help with this by giving eye shade during the bright moments. You can slide them up onto your forehead as things begin to dim. UVEX introduced automatically changing goggles that switched between clear lenses and dark lenses in response to bright or dim light. This lets you ski with full eye protection in twilight while still preventing snowblindness in full day.


UVEX’s improvement on this model is its new Snowstrike VT. The lenses incorporate a thin color LCD layer in between clear lenses that allows the lenses to switch between clear, blue, purple or red.

  • Clear for low-light conditions
  • Blue for clarity in fog or mist
  • Purple to reduce glare but allow visibility in overcast conditions
  • Red for very high light conditions, offering SP 3 eye protection

UVEX has labeled this innovation “Variotronic lens technology” and markets it under the “Four is More” slogan, riffing off of the four options for each lens. If the technology expands, it has interesting possibilities for art, architecture and automotive headlights.

Users can change the lens manually by pushing a button to cycle between colors, or engage a light sensor that instantly changes tint in response to light conditions. The battery charges for 30 hours of continuous use and charges completely overnight. Snowstrike VT goggles retail for $500 — much more than more traditional lenses but about the same as a pair of prescription eyewear.


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