Designer imagines sustainable inventions for the public space for all seasons

Have you ever set off for an afternoon city stroll or a day of shopping when a sudden rainfall hits? After the unpleasantness of being underprepared without an umbrella in sight, the skies open up and you're left with clear skies and sunshine. The only problem is every seat is drenched and the grass shines with dew, leaving you no choice but to sit down in the wet.

While versatile and useful aren't words one might typically associate with a park bench, a new invention brings functionality for tired legs during any weather forecast to the public space. To resolve the ill-weathered accidents, South Korean-based designer Sung Woo Park came up with a low-tech solution that always offers a dry seat. His ingenious rotating bench looks like a typical park bench, but features a handle on the side that spins the tiles to reveal a new sitting area. It's simple: the wet panels get rotated down to the bottom to expose the dry side of the seat.

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