Every second, Spotify finds two users that started the same song at the same time and plays a snippet on its page, Serendipity, while showing the city each one lives in

What does San José, Costa Rica, and São Paulo, Brazil, have in common? Well, for just a moment, on Thursday night, it was “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy),” the fourth song off the SoCal Punk band The Offspring’s 1998 album, Americana. At the exact same moment, two Spotify users hit play on that track and if you’d been watching you’d have seen that connection on Spotify’s website, Serendipity.

The site is the first product of Spotify’s Artist-In-Residence program. Brooklyn artist Kyle MacDonald came up with the website. Every second, the system finds a new song that two people played at the exact same time, plays just a snippet and shows viewers the city the two songs got played in. Just for a moment. The animation is beautiful. It’s a sort of while silhouette of the continents that spins and zooms in and out depending on how far apart the two listeners are.

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