A new technology keeps a simple message fresh

Say farewell to the days of avoiding, and looking with pity, at those salespeople with sandwich boards in the street: the era of the ad-clutching drone is here. In Buenos Aires, 361º Argentina, working with SushiPop, Argentina's leading sushi delivery service, sent a drone into the midst of the city's downtown, holding an ad for the company's new delivery set, called Black.

The stunt was designed to capture the attention of both pedestrians and office workers in the upper levels of buildings. It alternately got on the eye level of passerby and went as high to 130 feet. The paper ad included enticing pictures of sushi items and a number to call for delivery – certainly an excellent angle for the hungry office worker who might be trapped at their desk. “The distraction created by the drone make people asked themselves who was behind it,” said 361's Vice President Coco Mujica. “This is one of the most crowded streets on downtown with a high density of people not only on the streets but also on each office (with big windows facing the street!). We knew it was a risk to be considered, that´s why the message was quite simple.”

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