'Bearable Discomfort' increases awareness, balance, and muscle tone

Standing desks are a well-established alternative to sitting all day, but what about a two-legged chair that forces you to endure mild discomfort for the sake of better posture? Parisian designer Benoit Malta has done exactly that with his latest project. Inactivité forces people to avoid stationary postures and encourage them to be more mobile – at the very least it's the perfect reminder that you should get up from your desk once in a while to get some exercise.

“Inactivity seems to be the disease of today,” Malta tells Dezeen. “Our ways of living have evolved, and our bodies are less and less active. Our living spaces are conceived with the idea of comfort. My aim was to introduce a “bearable discomfort” for our wellbeing – discomfort used to put the body in motion and thus out of its chronic stationary postures.”

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