Stylish redesign puts collective achievements ahead of famous individuals

Currency around the world often features the faces of famous scientists and politicians, but Travis Purrington has come up with an alternative. Inspired by the redesign of the Swiss Franc (CHF), which happens every 20 years by way of contest, the designer has opted for images that represent human achievement and culture on a much grander scale. The notes also feature a more minimal layout that uses a wider variety of colors to great effect. Keep going to see them in all their glory.

Embossed with astronauts, crashing waves, ice-capped mountains, and distant galaxies, the redesign aims to take the emphasis away from individuals, and put it back on the human race. On his website, Purrington explains, “This is of course not a conspiracy to trivialize or shun the great deeds of the past, but to communicate principle rather than effigy permeating through the spirit of industrial, organic and elemental systems.”

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