Designer Arturo Erbsman creates handmade lighting objects that incorporate natural elements like snow, ice, condensation, and more

In his projects, French designer Arturo Erbsman likes to create connections between the four elements of nature and manufactured objects. He also likes to showcase distinct aspects of the different forms of water in his design pieces.

The Paris-based designer's fascinating body of work includes Atmos, an atmospheric lamp that uses condensation of water to diffuse light; Cumulus, a personal cloud storage lamp; Clepsydra, a time measuring lamp, and more.

Atmos consists of a hand-blown glass bulb that holds water and an aluminum base that holds a light source. When the object is lighted, the water starts to evaporate and condense on the walls of the bulb. The water droplets that form on the glass bulb help diffuse the light. As more water evaporate and condense on the bulb, more water droplets form until they merge into larger droplets that eventually slide back down to the water reserve at the bottom of the bulb. Atmos won the Interieur Award at the Biennale Interieur and the 2014 Salone Satellite Award during Milan design week.

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