Travel plays a critical role in freeing and re-shaping the creative process

Nomadism and travel have been celebrated for centuries as instigators of creativity and self-expression. Amazing things happen when we hit the road. Whether you're a writer, entrepreneur, musician, or photographer, creativity seems to ladder up when we become nomadic in our orientation to the world. Two projects articulate this in an incredibly poignant manner. Take the examples of Millennial Train Project, and Wesley Verhoeve's One of Many.

The MTP is a non-profit that combines societal and personal development objectives. Participants' crowd-funded journeys take them across the American continent where they are trained on-board the train by mentors, workshops with local leaders, and develop projects specific to various cities, some of which are struggling to draw entrepreneurs. 2015 will see a journey that will go through Los Angeles, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C and the applications are currently open.

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