ALEX may be really ridiculously good-looking, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts

Reusable water bottles are valiant attempts in eco-conservation. At first, they appear relatively low-key—how much work could be required to upkeep a water bottle?—but trapped water droplets, odd bottle shapes, and metal aftertastes can transform reusable bottles into a hassle. Here to solve our frustrations, ALEX is a beautifully-designed water bottle, engineered for simple cleaning and storage.

ALEX was created by Nice Reusables’ co-founder Chris Hotell after frustrating experiences with stainless steel water bottles, which, even after rigorous cleaning, eventually began to stink. As a smelly water bottle owner, Hotell was left with two choices: throw out the bottle and buy another (contributing to the waste he wanted to end) or stop using reusable bottles altogether. Instead, he chose to pioneer another path; he created ALEX, a reusable water bottle that screws apart, making it easier to hand-clean or place in the dishwasher

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