1930s Italian classic reinvented for modern-day coffee connoisseurs

Making the perfect cup of coffee is dark and mysterious art that involves enough brewing methods to keep you entertained for a lifetime. Indulging his love of coffee and good design, Blue Bottle founder James Freeman partnered with designer Joey Roth to create Moka Pot, an Italian classic which has its origins in the 1930s. In the wrong hands it can ruin a cup of coffee, but that's part of its unique appeal.

To use the Moka Pot, you first have to pour hot water into the steel chamber, and then place your ground coffee into the middle chamber. After fitting the ceramic serving chamber on top, you place the moka pot on a stovetop. As the water boils, steam pressure pushes water up the brewing spout, through the coffee grounds, and eventually into the serving chamber, where it’s ready to drink.

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