Circuit Pen and Eraser Let You Draw, Edit Unique Electric Circuits

Circuit Pen and Eraser Let You Draw, Edit Unique Electric Circuits

A Japan-based start-up is bringing sophisticated, DIY electronics to the masses

Janet Burns
  • 1 december 2014

In May, PSFK reported on an innovative ink kit which made it possible to print circuits at home, or even draw them by hand with a special pen. This month, the same development team announced a product which represents a key step in the creative process (circuit-building or otherwise): the ability to edit, or simply erase, your work.


With the new Erasable Circuit Marker, Tokyo-based start-up AgIC Inc. makes the process of creating unique circuits even easier and more accessible for its wide range of users. Fresh off their recent win at TechCrunch Tokyo, the group is seeking a new round of funding in order to manufacture and distribute the editing product. As the team’s new Kickstarter page explains,

Whether you’re an experienced engineer or just starting to learn circuits, Erasable Circuit Marker provides virtually limitless potential for creating and exploring circuits. Children can learn circuits through trial and error without having to start from scratch after a mistake. Engineers can visualize and implement ideas, creating prototypes on the fly.


The original AgIC Circuit Marker contains AgIC silver nano-particle ink, “which dries and becomes conductive in a few seconds on glossy photo paper and on special PET film” without requiring further steps after drawing. Each marker allows for around 100 feet (30 meters) of silver ink, which contains a low enough resistance — 0.2-0.3 ohm — for prototyping digital circuits.


As the team explained, “the patent-pending AgIC Circuit Eraser is also a pen marker, but it erases traces of the AgIC ink easily [and] works pretty similarly [to] regular erasers for pencils.” The ink in the Eraser pen, they added, is “formulated to distill and loosen” the silver trace laid down by the Circuit Marker, allowing users to rub away the trace and keep on designing.


All of the AgIC products can be viewed and tested during a number of stops on their upcoming Pacific tour, including:

AgIC Inc.


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