Coca-Cola’s Premium Milk Brand Focuses on Marketing


Coke dabbles in high-end milk in a joint venture with Select Milk Producers

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 8 december 2014

Already a leader in soda, water, energy drinks and juices, Coca-Cola is now going after milk.


Unlike soda, the U.S. milk industry remains highly fragmented with few recognizable brand names. Coke is hoping to change that by using marketing tactics and create a category of its own, as the undisputed leader and “Coke” of milks.

At the center of Fairlife Milk’s appeal is its proprietary cold filtration process, in which milk is filtered at the molecular level into its primary constituent parts: water, vitamins/minerals, lactose, protein, and fat.


The beverage giant is preparing a nationwide launch of a high-end milk, named Fairlife, in 2015 and admits the brand will cost twice as much as conventional milks, but will also contain higher protein, lower sugar and no lactose.

The initial launch of its marketing and advertisements have been somewhat controversial. The “pin-ups” advertising have been eye-catching, but also somewhat controversial, receiving criticism over a test market ad campaign that features close to naked models coated in milk. The images are accompanied by captions like “Better Milk Looks Good On You” and “Drink What She’s Wearing.”


As a result, and as a goal of building the brand over time, executives are considering a new approach from the start.


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