Digital Recipe Service Preserves Treasured Handwritten Notes

Digital Recipe Service Preserves Treasured Handwritten Notes

New service from Knorr reflects the changing way we interact with the written word

Jason Brick
  • 16 december 2014

When was the last time you got a letter? Not an email or Facebook post. Not a holiday or birthday card. An actual, handwritten letter from a friend or loved one? Do you remember how great that felt, largely because it’s so rare this decade? As our communication moves more and more into a “digital first” paradigm, the handwritten word becomes increasingly precious.

This growing value is reflected in the array of services that scan and archive family letters, and the popularity of websites like Letters of Note that scan and make available interesting letters from history. It’s also reflected in the opposite direction, as when we reported on Heineken’s and Snail Mail My Email’s projects that turned digital messages into handwritten letters.

Food giant Knorr has launched a free service and Twitter campaign that demonstrates the power and importance of the written word. “Family Recipes” is a free service that digitizes hand-written recipe notes into a formatted digital file. Using the service means modern cooks don’t have to choose between a convenient digital file on their tablets and the nostalgia of working with Grandma’s notebooks or card files.

The service works like this:

  • Step One : photograph or scan the existing note
  • Step Two: tweet the image file to @KnorrBrasil with the hashtag #Receitasdefamilia
  • Step Three: Knorr’s team will convert it to a digital version enhanced for legibility
  • Step Four: receive an email with the URL of the digital version
  • Step Five: save the file as you see fit

The first 350 participants receive a physical poster of the recipe, including photographs of the real ingredients in a high-quality, interactive guide.

As more and more business are discovering the power of crowdsourced publicity and social media campaigns that lean on customer participation for their power, Knorr’s initiative is a textbook case giving value for participation in something people would do anyway.


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