This week’s innovations include a portable DNA tester and on-demand flu vaccines.

Each week, with its partner Boehringer Ingelheim brings you a snapshot of five innovative ideas that are reshaping the health care industry. This week’s innovations include a portable DNA tester and on-demand flu vaccines. Be sure to check out Boehringer Ingelheim’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to stay on top of all things health.

User-Friendly System Enables People To Explore Their Own DNA DNA analysis is something you would usually associate with a laboratory and a lot of complicated and expensive machinery. This could all be about to change when the miniPCR DNA Discovery System, a small DNA analysis kit generating funds on Kickstarter, is launched early next year. The user-friendly system will enable people to investigate their DNA at home or in the classroom. It uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a Nobel-winning technology, to make billions of copies of specific DNA samples for analysis. This kit has the same analysis power as machines ten times their size used by biomedical professionals, for one-tenth of the cost. The kit has many potential uses, including allowing user to investigate their family tree or conduct a simulated investigation of a food poisoning outbreak. If funding allows, Amplyus will also develop a kit to test for GMOs in food.

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