Entrepreneurs in technology and food are embracing the power of the crypto-currency

While companies like DinarCoin are responding to the dramatic collapse of Iraq's currency, others like BitOasis, which is based between Dubai and California, are responding to environments where a healthy financial infrastructure is in place but out of sync with digitally-enriched lifestyles. We interviewed Ola Doudin of Emirati start-up BitOasis.

Although it is quite unpredictable how digital currency (and Bitcoin in particular) will play out on the Middle East's regional stage, there are clear cultural implications that we can start thinking about. BitOasis is a start-up founded by Ola Doudin working to bring Bitcoin technology to Middle East consumers. Her expertise draws on insightful knowledge and data points that underline the need for financial services to address the digital transformation re-shaping how consumers shop, work, and carry out monetary transactions:

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