Back on the market after cost-cutting upgrades, Luna wants to serve drinks and bring about an app revolution

In 2011, Gizmag and other publications noted the “mysterious debut” of Luna, a home-service robot then retailing for $3,000 in a small batch. Recently, her creators have brought Luna back into the spotlight with a new Kickstarter campaign, and have dropped the bot's price in keeping with their belief that “every home deserves a personal robot.”

Developed by RoboDynamics and design studio SchultzeWORKS, Luna is 5 feet tall, weighs 60 pounds, can navigate flat surfaces on her own (like similarly sized follow-bots), and has position-able metal arms. She's also equipped with a capacitive touchscreen and a hi-def camera, among other features, but RoboDynamics CEO Fred Nikgohar stresses that her simple design is meant to enable owners and developers to customize Luna and create any number of new uses for her.

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