The PERI Duo iPhone Case streams music and increases battery life up to 160%

Whether you're scrambling to an outlet in a Starbucks or kindly asking the counter worker at your wireless provider's store if you can steal some juice, everyone with a smartphone knows the peril of having a low battery notification pop-up. While USB rapid chargers are becoming more common, it's normal to think that there has to be a better way of charging your mobile device. Fortunately, there is.

If asked what is the greatest need for iPhone users, the answer would undoubtedly be improved battery life, though better speakers might be a close second. Taking this need into consideration, a group of high tech engineers and business executives got together and founded PERI; the PERI Duo iPhone Case is their premier product launch. The case provides protection from bumps and bruises like any other, but it can also detach and become a wireless speaker system. In addition, the PERI Duo iPhone Case uses a 2500mAh battery that can charge an iPhone 5 by 130% and an iPhone 6 by 160%. The super sleek design can still fit in your jean pocket, and is available in black and galaxy gray, red and black with silver, and white and gold.

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