PocketQube Satellite Kit brings satellite access to all

The 21st century could be called the true Century of Democracy. Historians might argue, pointing to the 18th as when the first true democracies formed with the American and French Revolutions, but look at the democratic score card of the past 14 years:

The Internet democratized access to information. A student in Mumbai has access to the same knowledge as a student in Boston. Social media democratized publicity. Small businesses can rapidly gain markets previously only available to those who could afford television and print marketing. Technology has democratized creative production. Anybody can publish a book, record a podcast or produce a video — and distribute it online.

PocketQube wants to democratize satellite access by making a simple, small satellite available outside of corporations and national governments . Historically, space has been off-limits to such tiny budgets. The PocketQube Kit, first available this holiday season, includes all of the components needed to make a small satellite and retails for $5,999 on their website. Though still too expensive to put under the Christmas Tree for little Johnny, the cost is miniscule compared to that of a more traditional satellite, or even payload fees for placing your project on an institutional launch.

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