Connect with strangers to ship your goods all over the world

Why pay for expensive international shipping rates when you can hire a stranger to do the job for you? Carry is a new Indianapolis-based startup that's tapping into the peer-to-peer economy to challenge big names like FedEx and UPS. The online marketplace matches people who need something delivered with travelers who are taking the same route, and while airport security makes a lot of people nervous, the idea might just have what it takes to work.

Carry gives you the choice of shipping your own package, or transporting someone else's. As a traveler, all you have to do is register your itinerary on the site and declare how much you'd like to earn. Current listings include transporting an iPhone from Los Angeles to Mexico for $350, and bringing medication from London to New York for $44. The site claims that claims that carriers earned an average of $500 and shippers saved 60 percent over more familiar shipping options.

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