Improve your health and sleep by ditching harmful indoor artificial lighting

Artificial lighting might be convenient, but being exposed to it for the entire day can wreak havoc on your sleep, hormones, and overall health. The Sunn Light is a healthier alternative that changes color and brightness to mimic the progress of the sun through the sky. You can also tune the light to your favorite seasons of the year, set it to match the lighting of weather conditions in real-time, and teach it about your optimal sleeping patterns and lighting requirements.

Available in 19- and 24-inch models, The Sunn Light has you covered around the clock. In the morning, Sunn gradually brightens and changes color to ease you awake – unlike most intrusive alarm clocks. During the day, cool white light helps to create an environment perfect for productivity and focus. As the days comes to a close, Sunn emits a much warmer tone of light. Before bed, it resembles the deep glow of a camp fire – which creates the ideal atmosphere just before bed.

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