PCH’s recent sustainability report examines how to evolve from supply chain management to supply chain development

This is the second article of a 4-part series that investigates the findings in the latest sustainability report from PCH. Also check out the first, third and fourth articles in the series. Produced in partnership with PCH – click here for the full report.

In recent memory, the origins of a company’s products were a murky subject for consumers. Function was king, with a product’s supply chain a mere secondary consideration for consumers, if it was present at all. But this has been changing, as consumers, governments and companies demand details of the systems and sources that deliver goods. Collectively they voice concerns about the entire life cycle of a product including its quality, safety, ethical production and environmental impact. Though addressing these larger challenges around sustainability is a daunting task, farsighted organizations are beginning to take a more proactive approach, directly addressing the new problems and opportunities presented by the question, “Where does this stuff come from?”

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