The all-glass structure can bring in ample sunlight but also a wealth of healthy side-effects

Sadly, the joyous effects of a typical sunny, relaxing two-week paid vacation are often short lived. However, a team of scientists and glaziers is determined to bring to the market a product that can offer the health benefits of a sun-kissed lifestyle year round – and in the form of a (slightly sci-fi) glass bungalow.

The Photon Space is the result of years of glazing expertise and scientific study, the team explains, meant to address health and lifestyle issues such as stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy and productivity, jet lag, and lowered libido. The space itself is a tech-enabled, all-glass “fully equipped luxury suite,” with on-demand glass tinting controlled via smartphone (for when privacy is required) and accommodations for regulating temperature. Presented by a mostly family-run group with backgrounds in architecture, architectural glazing, and entrepreneurship, the greater Photon Project represents a collaborative effort to provide healthful, light-filled structures and spread the word on light’s health benefits.

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