What’s It Like App Suggests Trips Based On Time Of Year

What’s It Like App Suggests Trips Based On Time Of Year

Unforgettable experiences are based on when, not where you go travelling

Ross Brooks
  • 19 december 2014

Planning where to go on holiday is only half the battle, especially if you turn up in Thailand during the monsoon season, or get snowed in during the crushing winters of Canada. What’s It Like is a new app that helps people to figure out the perfect time of year to visit a particular country. Created by UX designer Marina Janeiko, the app can help you plan for the perfect weather, avoid peak seasons, and find unique cultural events that only happen once a year – to name just a few uses.


Janeiko is a digital nomad, which means she has no problems figuring out where to go, but often struggles with when. In a post on Medium, she argues against the idea of sunny days and comfortable temperatures being the only motivator for travelers.

Best time to go depends on the purpose of your travel. If you’re after seeing the Northern Lights — you will be ok with extreme temperatures. The wet season on Socotra island is the worst time for beach lovers, but it’s the best time for pro surfers. Making WHEN to go all about sunny weather and comfortable temperature is too primitive to be truly meaningful. We intend to fix that.

To get things started, the app is targeting three key areas of time-based travel: Travel Photography, Surfing, and Natural Phenomena. Even though it solves a common problem for global nomads, Janeiko wants to keep the app free for the time being.

There’s nothing to sell and nothing to buy here, when launched the platform will be free for everyone to use and free from ads and affiliate products — all the work that we’re doing is for fellow travelers, not advertisers.

For that reason, the app is currently looking for volunteer editors and community managers. They’re also open to anyone with skills in marketing, web development, visual design, product strategy, fundraising, business development, copywriting, analytics, pitching, and research. Getting involved might appeal to some, but for everyone else, sign up to become an experience hunter and get access to the beta.

What’s It Like

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