Design posse SODA Concept give you another accessory to worry about matching to outfits

While getting ready in the morning, you assemble the perfect jeans, the perfect coat, and the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit—if only your frames could be as easily customized to complement your ensemble. Harnessing the power and scalability of 3D printing technologies, design group SODA Concept has launched a line of 3D-printed sunglasses that can be interchanged to suit your outfit, event, or daily mood.

Manufactured in-house at the Soda Concept studio in Torino, Italy, Soda Sunglasses are printed using PLA plastic, a fully biodegradable corn-based polymer. Because the glasses are printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2 rather than expensive frame builders, each pair can be individually customized. Customers ordering frames online can choose from four styles and over 22 colors. Soda prints frames and arms separately, meaning shoppers can request frames with two-tone color schemes.

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