Greg Barth creates a glitchy representation of an electronic beat by warping the instruments making it

Electronic music is a cross between the auditory and the technological, creating wholly unique music out of the cold and dead bodies of modern sound machines. EDM has become a hugely popular genre – many artists have used it to express new ideas and create incredibly novel sounds. And yet, one man has pushed the envelope further by using 3D printing, white chocolate, and a lot of creativity to present this genre in an extraordinary way.

London-based Swiss designer and director Greg Barth created a video celebrating electronic music as a commercial for Hello Play!, a Belgian electronic music site that features exclusive content and handy concert information. Barth’s commercial uses stop motion to visually represent this driving style of music, using 3D printing to create many of the objects used in the commercial that seamlessly come together in animated splendor. As the music plays, the objects all move to, and are transformed by, the electronic beat.

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