Potent potables demonstrate trends in fashion and drinking

We’ve had craft beers for a couple of decades now, with craft wines and craft spirits entering the “drinkosphere” over the past six to eight years. As far as we at PSFK can tell, craft cocktails were about due—and here they are.

In a way, all cocktails are “craft.” They’re made by hand, to order, and are as customizable as a drink can get. However, some of the newest craft cocktails push even the broad envelope of mixed drinks. For example:

Los Angeles-based bartender Aaron Melandrez has begun producing a series of “soup cocktails” for the Pistola Italian American restaurant. His “From Kitchen With Love” is a mixture of six ounces of lamb consomme plus two ounces of the legendary Glenlivit 15 Scotch, served in a shallow bowl and garnished with asparagus, carrots and cilantro.

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