An automatic to-do service that actually does the job is officially open for business in New York and Boston

There is an abundance of productivity tools in the market today but there is one thing they can’t do – and that is actually do stuff. These tools can help list and organize tasks, but they still count on you to complete them.

With Alfred, that changes.

Think of Alfred as a part-time butler. Alfred will pick-up dry cleaning, restock your fridge, pick-up medications and much more. The app connects users with expert helpers to carry out specific tasks. By writing down your requests, you are matched with an actual person in your neighborhood. The person will come to your house a maximum of two times per week. Just like a real expert, you don't even have to deal with the app unless you want to tweak a request, i.e. switch to low-fat milk on the grocery list or change the pick-up schedule of dry cleaning.

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