Algorithmic Tailor Delivers Perfect Fit In 12 Questions Or Less

Algorithmic Tailor Delivers Perfect Fit In 12 Questions Or Less
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Fashion Metric brings tailoring into modern times using data to offer one of the quickest, most accurate services on the market

Lara Piras
  • 23 january 2015

Fashion Metric promises to take the guesswork out of sizing.

Aimed at apparel retailers and brands, the two-year-old award-winning startup has managed to raise a $1 million seed round via Tahoma Ventures and plans to launch the service officially this coming February.

Fashion Metric is an SaaS (Software as a Service) for apparel eCommerce that uses algorithms to calculate a customer’s full set of body measurements in seconds. It can be used for bespoke tailoring services where accuracy on measurements ensures a custom fit and an overall higher quality of the finished result. The service can also be used to enable retailers to help customers select the best ready-to-wear size for them while shopping online. Once Fashion Metric is integrated into a brand’s site, customers simply answer up to 12 questions about their height and weight, taking less than 30 seconds in total of their time. The algorithm then analyses these numbers to determine their accurate body measurements that are “often more detailed than what a tailor would provide.” Customers can then use this data for made-to-measure clothes or to recommend their best ready-to-wear size.

Fashion Metric aims to help reduce retailer’s online return rates as the company both researched and revealed “28% of all clothes purchased online are returned.” By obtaining customer’s details, retailers and brands can use this data to learn more about them and better target them with future products and campaigns. As well as gaining new customers, the service also intends to increase sales via existing buyers by using Fashion Metric’s accuracy as an incentive to keep on going back for more. It can help with inventory management and can also cross over in-store where staff can help shoppers with custom fittings, adding a touch of luxury to their overall shopping experience.

The team explain the brand’s ethos on their website, “We empower retailers and brands with the continuous data analytics and collection of their customer fit profile data, acting as a data-hub for additional services including inventory management and personalization specific for their customer demographic.”

Fashion Metric could revolutionize the online shopping sphere. Women and men all over the world are frustrated with having to order two or three versions of the same shirt just to see which one fits best, which in turn affects the retailer’s return rates.

With an impressive $1 million in funding, the team at Fashion Metric intend to take it slowly, starting with an initial three customers in February 2015 and slowly increasing that figure each month, eventually reaching the big players.

Fashion Metric

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