Amex Gesture-Controlled Hub Connects Shoppers to Small Businesses

Amex Gesture-Controlled Hub Connects Shoppers to Small Businesses

Design agency HUSH partnered with American Express to generate auxiliary awareness for local shops and their unique products

Emma Hutchings
  • 23 january 2015

A new gesture-controlled installation for product discovery has been created by design agency HUSH and American Express. ‘Shop Small‘ features items and in-store experiences available at local small businesses, with great interaction between the screen, a user’s phone, and print materials. The experience helps shoppers discover new products and merchants from the installation site and on-the-go.

amex gesture controlled hub
HUSH was challenged to connect shoppers to American Express’ network of local small businesses and their products within a centralized urban setting. They used the design notes of boutique retail and the interactivity of digital experiences to create an installation that generates awareness and provides a direct line of information that connects consumers with merchants.

The fully-contained, interactive retail product could be used in any location, helping shoppers discover thousands of local small businesses through bespoke product exploration and interaction. Shop Small uses geographical reference and personal preference indicators to tap into a database of merchants in order to encourage in-person shopping experiences.

amex gesture controlled hub
On the screen, users can browse items from different merchants and view in-store environments. The digital storefront enables shoppers to curate a personalized wish list with simple gestures. They can browse by several product types, easily swiping with their hand to discover new items.

On their phones, users can receive a shortcode to their wish list via text message, as well as details on opening hours, location and directions. They can also view an integrated city guide (developed by Jauntful) that helps them find a variety of restaurants and other destinations nearby.

amex gesture controlled hub
Alternatively, shoppers can print out their personalized wish lists on-site. This physical keepsake includes all the relevant store and product information to help them find the items they are interested in at small shops. HUSH partner David Schwarz said:

“We delivered a highly personal, productized experience for American Express that foregrounds the locality and uniqueness of small business merchants. The result is an engaging platform that is scalable to any location and leverages what we know about retail customers – that they desire experiences that surprise and delight.”

You can check out the Shop Small installation in the video below:


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