Artist Matt Starr challenges conventions with hyper-nostalgic approach to fashion

Normcore, a fashion trend identified  (and somewhat manufactured) by the trend forecasting group K-Hole, startled and disgruntled many people in 2013 when it burst onto the scene as a fashion trend consisting of attractive young people wearing the formless, blobbish wear of generic America. Now, a 25-year-old artist named Matt Starr hopes to unleash a different but equally surprising trend revolving around wearing clothes from his babyhood.

Starr, 25, describes the half-satirical trend, which he's dubbed Babycore, as the “next step in our generation’s obsession with nostalgia.” But he also plays up the inherent characteristics of OshKosh and Gymboree designs that caught his interest. “The same way normcore stresses the normal, babycore stresses childishness; this sort of bright, primary-colored, carefree sense of style,” he told Refinery29. That's when he got the idea to commission conceptual designer Bryn Taubensee to recreate one of his favorite childhood sweatshirts, a color-blocked blue and red Gymboree number.

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