Scotch whisky brand Ballantine's has teamed up with artist INSA to create the world’s largest GIF

Ballantine’s approached anonymous GIF artist INSA as part of their Stay True campaign. Already known for his envelope-pushing animated graffiti called GIF-iti, they asked him how he would like to push his ideas further. His response: take them to space.

So the Scotch whisky brand flew the London-based artist to Rio de Janeiro, where he gathered a team, and the aid of agency M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment, to create four paintings over four days, each to be photographed by satellite and compiled into a one-second GIF. Every day, the team would paint over the previous painting, shifting it slightly over, to create the illusion of movement. The work, a series of yellow and pink hearts, became a pulsating animation once the images were strung together and looped.

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