The ZumZum Bike helps kids learn important balancing and coordination skills in a safe and fun way

For many, learning to ride a bike is a staple of growing up, that is usually difficult and has the occasional bumps and bruises. Still, between the tricycle and bike, there isn’t an in-between step to help kids learn the balance necessary to learn to ride faster and with less tears. That’s where the ZumZum comes in.

The ZumZum Bike is a special bike designed to help young kids learn how to balance themselves while improving back strength and coordination. The bike is light-weight, made from wood collected from a sustainable birch forest, also making it eco-friendly. It also comes with a NFC passport tag in the steering bar with owner and warranty information included. It’s even simple to use — all kids have to do is sit down on the seat and begin to walk themselves forward with their feet, giving them total control of both their speed and direction.

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